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Meet the 2,000th Certified Food Scientist

Certified Food Scientist (CFS) #2,000 - Samantha Briss

August 13, 2018

By Brandon Davis

As food industry professionals, we play a vital role throughout the food system in bringing the world its food supply. Five years ago, we decided to launch a new certification program—the Certified Food Scientist (CFS)—that recognizes our profession's unique, continuously evolving skill set, further elevates our visibility, and gives us a career advantage.

Now, on the eve of its fifth birthday, we are thrilled to welcome our 2,000th Certified Food Scientist to the CFS family: Samantha Briss, a Quality Assurance Manager at CHS, Inc.

A graduate of North Dakota State University, Samantha has been working in the food industry since 2013. When I asked Samantha about what the CFS credential means to her, she said, "Food science touches every aspect of the food industry, and having a standardized test is extremely valuable as both a self-assessment tool and as a means to indicate that your industry knowledge is well-rounded. It is an exceptional display of personal commitment to on-going education, especially as the food industry continues to evolve."

I couldn't agree more with Samantha. The CFS credential is the only global food science certification. But obtaining the CFS credential is more than passing an exam. It demonstrates professional commitment to lifelong learning and excelling as a food science professional. Attaining the CFS indicates a clear understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of food science and the real-world skills needed for a successful career.

“As a Certified Food Scientist who also holds a BS, MS, and PhD in food science, I’m often asked why the CFS is a valuable additional validation of my knowledge," said IFT President Cindy Stewart. "The answer is simple: the CFS designation demonstrates my commitment to keep up with the latest information relevant to the science of food. I am honored to celebrate the achievements of the CFS certification program and maintain this distinction with more than 2,000 other food science advocates.”

Unlike any other certification, the CFS designation recognizes the applied scientific knowledge and skills of global food professionals and provides a universal way to identify, cultivate and retain top talent. There are now more than 2,000 Certified Food Scientists in 55 countries, and more than 850 companies employ a Certified Food Scientist, including all food and beverage companies in the Fortune 500.

Recently, hundreds of Certified Food Scientists gathered in Chicago at IFT18 to celebrate at our CFS five year anniversary reception. It was thrilling to see these science of food professionals come together and showed just how far the certification has come in these last five years. Congratulations to Samantha on being CFS #2,000, and congratulations to all the other Certified Food Scientists around the world on your achievements!


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