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I Am IFT: Padu Krishnan

August 23, 2018

Think you’re busy? Meet Padu Krishnan. (Read More)

A Sense of Belonging

August 16, 2018

About one month ago, I found myself in a large convention hall, excited, nervous and overwhelmed by all the sensory activity of IFT18. To say I was out of my element is an understatement. Walking... (Read More)

Networking Tips: Following Up with New Contacts

August 14, 2018

Professional events like IFT18 are a great way to meet new connections and add to your professional network. But after the event is over—when you’ve met all sorts of interesting people and your... (Read More)

Meet the 2,000th Certified Food Scientist

August 13, 2018

As food industry professionals, we play a vital role throughout the food system in bringing the world its food supply. Five years ago, we decided to launch a new certification program—the Certified... (Read More)

5 Reasons Why You Should Join a Professional Organization

August 10, 2018

We moved to Chicago five years ago. A massive city, and an epicenter of the food industry. I was at once excited and overwhelmed—afloat in a great lake of network overload. Removed from my comfort... (Read More)

How Confusion Over Date Labeling Can Lead to Food Waste

August 07, 2018

There's a lot of confusion and misunderstanding out there surrounding the way the dates on labels relate to food quality and safety. This confusion and misunderstanding may detract from limited... (Read More)

The Delicious World of Barbecue

July 31, 2018

Cooking food on the grill is a favorite pastime throughout the United States. Barbecue enjoys broad popularity across the country, and yet its appeal is often tied to regional taste and flavor... (Read More)

And the Winner of the IFTNEXT Food Disruption Challenge Is...

July 25, 2018

Six forward-thinking entrepreneurs pitched their companies in the inaugural Food Disruption Challenge competition at IFT18, and Renewal Mill, which uses a by-product of soy milk production called... (Read More)

IFT Welcomes New Chief Science and Technology Officer

July 13, 2018

Our members are responsible for an increasingly complex global food system. They are experiencing disruptive change in the companies, educational institutions and regulatory bodies where they work... (Read More)

How Coffee is Processed

July 12, 2018

Coffee is the second-most-valuable commodity in the world, second only to oil. Worldwide, people consume approximately 2 billion cups of coffee daily. (Read More)
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